Outsourced Bookkeeping Plus!

Outsourced Bookkeeping Plus Accounting Outsourcing, Financial Management, Taxes, and Related Technology Support

Who is RFS?
Founded in 1994, RFS is the Premier U.S. Based Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Firm. We ensure our clients have a cost-effective and scalable financial infrastructure that starts with getting the bookkeeping done right. Our systems are designed to support early stage companies as they grow and mature. Imagine how much better your decision making will be when you have meaningful financial information and guidance that is timely and accurate. Our system designs enhance a businesses’ segregation of duties and internal controls.
Why Should I Choose RFS?
As you grow beyond outsourced bookkeeping and need a more sophisticated reporting, we will be there for you. As you face financial challenges including cash management during tight times, we will be there for you. As you face choices related to financing options including equity and debt, we will be there for you. As you face compliance and tax issues, we will be there for you. As your GovCon business or Government grants grow and the complexity escalates, we will be there for you. As you look at all the choices in systems and need to select a system that will work for you today and in five year, we will be there for you. We know this because that is what we have done for all our clients, through good times and bad, for over 20 years. We’ve been there, done that, and will solve many of these problems for you before you even know the problem exits!
Who Are Our Clients?
Our clients are start-up companies with great ideas and big plans in need of basic QuickBooks outsourced bookkeeping. Our clients are growing companies that have outgrown their internal bookkeeper in need of accrual based accounting and meaningful management reports. Our clients are government contractors in need of DCAA compliance. Our clients are non-profits in need of grant reporting, board reports, and audit support. Our clients are business owners looking to prepare for exit of their business and in need of financial guidance. Our clients are the U.S. subsidiaries of international firms in need of full back-office support. Our clients are small-enterprise in need of functional support.

Why is RFS Different?

Shared Service Center Approach
We support our clients through our Shared Service Center in Rockville, MD.  We can provide you with outsourced bookkeeping support plus much more when you need it.  We have spent over 20 years building the systems necessary to help nurture our small clients while empowering our larger clients to continue their success.  Our Shared Service Center is built to provide your business with the proper segregation of duties and an adequate internal control system.
We Have Options Available!
Configure your finance and accounting solution today by clicking “Request a Quote”. Configure a full solution or start with a partial solution knowing that we will grow with you as you grow and your needs become more clear.
Onboarding Process
  • First, we need to understand your business and needs. Our “Request a Quote” link will guide you through our configuration process.
  • We will prepare an initial quote based on your configuration and schedule a meeting to confirm that we have met your needs.
  • During our call we will demonstrate our capabilities and discuss the details of your finance and accounting solution

o   For larger and more sophisticated solutions, more information will be needed.

o   Many of our prospective clients will adjust their quote as they learn more about our capabilities and additional options available

  • You approve your quote and we schedule the kick-off meeting!
  • During our kick-off meeting we will begin the implementation of your solution. While implementation can take 30 – 45 days, we can begin core services any time after your kick-off meeting..

Ongoing Monthly and Annual Services

We will execute on your core monthly and annual services consistently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

We will meet with you monthly to review and discuss your financial results, tax planning, and future plans.

Your probability of success will improve substantially as you achieve financial clarity and make better business decisions as a result.

Configure Your Outsourced Bookkeeping Plus Solution Now!