The RFSWorkflow solution utilizes trained professionals and sophisticated software to eliminate paper from your accounting processes!

Keeping the books in your accounting database is made easy through RFSWorkflow.  Our innovative electronic workflow system captures every step in the accounting process electronically, including approvals.

Advantages of RFSWorkflow:

  • Cloud Based: Access and approval can be completed anywhere you have internet connection, providing access to all required information in another office or another country
  • Integration: The system seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting system
  • Compliance & Audit Trail: Audit logs are maintained on all user activity, facilitating compliance needs and strengthening internal controls
  • Flexibility: The system is modular, allowing you to select the solutions that best match your business needs
  • Approval Matrix: Integrated approval matrixes provide automatic routing for approvals and are designed to provide multi-level authorization, linked to roles, and user defined thresholds
  • Management Reports & Metrics: All modules provide out-of-the-box reports on activity and metrics
  • E-Signatures: Electronic signatures enable you to digitally approve all requests using a secure password
  • Digital Storage: This capability creates a completely paperless environment with online access to supporting documentation

Current accounting departments utilizing RFSWorkflow are getting the benefits listed above while saving up to 20% – 50% compared to traditional methods!